Collective Agreements – Results

Collectively.Consulting manages the balance between financial, operational, company and employee expectations to achieve collective agreements outcomes that work for all interested parties.

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Our results

We endeavour to deliver decisive collective bargaining tools and strategies that are aligned with a company’s business requirements and future focuses.

The best outcomes don’t just benfit employees and employee demands, but build a stronger workplace culture that hones greater HR practices and connections for the long-term.

Collective Agreements – Key results

We stay flexible in our approach because our expertise isn’t bounded. For over a decade we’ve been guiding businesses across many an industry, all with various employee numbers, budget sizes, and each seeking a broad range of collective agreements bargaining support.

We’ve served multiple industries, including manufacturing, aviation, health, warehousing, horticulture, mining, building and construction.

We’ve worked with businesses – both New Zealand and globally owned.

We’ve formed ties with over 20 NZX-listed companies.

We’ve helped companies with 35,000+ staff, and those with smaller employee groups of 5-to-10.

Why we get the results

We hold fast to good faith bargaining principles and take an individual, strategic approach to industrial relations within companies. Because we lead with a full-picture lens – addressing all employee and workplace engagement, alongside union contribution and wider industry influences – we can focus on business solutions that are financially and operationally viable for everyone involved.