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Founded by an industrial relations consultant – Anna Holmes, Collectively.Consulting takes a pragmatic and balanced approach to collective bargaining that saves companies’ time and money.

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The Collectively Approach

Don't overcook it

We use the right-sized solution for our individual client’s needs. Identifying key problems and blockages within their current industrial relations framework, and strategising, planning, preparing and implementing collective bargaining processes to resolve them.

Don't over complicate it

Reaching long-term sustainable business solutions that befit both employer and employees is our focus. We engage pragmatically and practically, guiding business with a non-partisan approach.

Don't view it in a vacuum

We are engagement focused, so we factor in the short and long-term goals of the business when developing solutions, and how these will benefit and support future pathways.

Why Collectively Consulting?

Collective bargaining is what we live and breathe. We know how all-consuming industrial relations can be – regardless of business size, industry, the number of unions or agreements involved.

We take a full picture approach to identifying issues and influences at play – including employee engagement of union affiliation.

We then deliver the external expertise, coupled with wider industry knowledge, to pragmatically work through agreements to achieve solutions that remain on budget and are operationally and commercially sound.

Collectively.Consulting has helped many businesses and has always provided them with top-tier solutions tailored to their needs.

 Anna Holmes Collectively Consulting Director

Industrial Relations Consultant
– Anna Holmes

Anna Holmes is a collective bargaining and industrial relations consultant extraordinaire. For the past 15 years she’s worked with companies of all sizes both here in New Zealand and Australia.

Anna’s portfolio of works is both diverse and extensive. From large, multi-site and multi-union agreements, to single-site agreements, to Greenfields agreements with a handful of unionised employees and no history – or experience – of unions.

To add even more complexity to her work, many of the businesses she links with have off-shore influencers.

Alongside her industrial relations expertise, Anna Holmes holds a Bachelor of Business Studies (HRM) from Massey University. She is a wife, mother-of-two, dog and cat owner, Girl Guide leader, an advanced open water diver, Blues rugby team supporter and lover of food!