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Collectively.Consulting has a unique perspective on industrial relations and offers a number of services to support companies through the collective bargaining process.

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Get our services, don’t bargain alone

Seeking outsourced expertise to guide you through the collective bargaining process, including any industrial action, assures results that befit long-term business requirements – operationally and commercially – affords a more consolidated workplace culture, and strengthens your bargaining knowledge and position for future events.

What we provide

Collective bargaining

We offer multiple levels of support for businesses with large, multi-site and multi-union agreements, to single-site agreements, to Greenfields agreements with a handful of unionised employees and no history – or experience – of unions.

Industrial action

We help businesses to manage industrial action – full and partial strikes – and undertake pre-action business continuity planning.

Additional support

We deliver information sharing and workplace training to businesses.

Collective bargaining services
–how we help

Strategy and Preparation

Assist with designing a strategy that is aligned to long-term business requirements.

Planning collective agreements, including business case preparation and mandate authority.

Conduct bargaining

Bargaining team selection and preparation.

Coaching of lead negotiator and bargaining team during the process, either at the table or in the background.

Disputes management and resolution

Dispute resolution, identifying blockages and navigating through them.

Assistance with strike management.

Mediation and facilitation preparation, planning and guidance.

Concluding the agreement

Reaching settlement and concluding bargaining.

Implementation of the new agreement.

Debrief after the event – what key learnings do we have?

Industrial action services –
what we can do

Business continuity planning

Help with tools and steps to prepare for industrial action to reduce its impact.

Assist with how to manage – and react – through a strike, be it a full strike or partial.

In the case of strike action, work with businesses to find a realistic settlement in a timely manner.

Additional support services –
how we contribute

Information sharing

Market and union insights.

Presentations to senior leaders and executives.

Facilitating strategy and planning sessions for teams.