Collectively.Thinking – May 2024

May 31, 2024

May has been a whirlwind with quite a bit of bargaining going on behind the scenes as well as what is happening here that is hitting the media.  My key advice is to ensure that you have all your supporting information, know your numbers and take your time!

As always, here are the noteworthy events from May, summarised with links included for your light reading.

1. May Industrial Action – Healthcare

2. May Industrial Action – other industries

  • FIRST Union members at ASB Contact Centre in Manukau over a 3.5% offer from the company.
  • A combined withdrawal of labour by FIRST Union members at Jaychem and Essano took place over a number of days.
  • 110 University of Waikato staff protest over stalled pay talks after eight months of negotiations and mediation.

3. Police bargaining

The Police Association have confirmed their position ahead of Final Offer Arbitration, while the Government is keeping quiet on their position.  The arbitration hearing is set for 26 & 27th June and then may take up to six weeks for a decision to be made.

Further information about how the process works can be read here.

4. Pay Equity Taskforce disestablished

The taskforce put in place to help government agencies navigate the Equal Pay Act to support pay equity bargaining has funding set to run out on 30 June.  Consultation has commenced about disestablishing the roles.  There are about 25 claims outstanding.

5. Labour Market statistics

The wage inflation for the year to March 2024 is 4.1%.  This is a lag indicator that is reflective with what we have seen in collective wage increases over the past 12-months – largely fuelled by significant public sector increases.  The labour market has moved off oversaturation in the maximum sustainable employment space.  Both unemployment and underutilisation have increased too.  Seek have also released their recent analysis about the number of job ads in April fell by 4% from February and 30% year-on-year.

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